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WorldFood Istanbul 2017: 5 beverage exhibitors to visit

The Turkish soft and non-alcoholic drinks market is expected to keep growing at a compound annual growth rate of 10.7% - but what does that mean in practical terms? It means Turks are buying more and more non-alcoholic beverages than ever before.

Elsewhere, demand for tea and coffee is huge. Turkey is the second largest tea market in the world and tea-drinking is long ingrained in Turkish culture. 

Meanwhile, coffee is quickly gaining ground thanks to the influence of international coffee chains. CoCoffee consumption is now moving from the café to the home, influenced by Turks’ increasingly busier lifestyles.

Capitalising on these trends is a big deal for international and domestic drinks brands – and that’s where WorldFood Istanbul plays its hand. For 25 years, the event has been connecting Turkish buyers, importers, and distributors with both domestic and foreign drinks producers. 2017 promises more of the same.

Are you attending WorldFood Istanbul this year? If you are, and drinks are your business, then make sure you mark the below companies as must-visits for their unique products.

5 of WorldFood Istanbul’s top drinks exhibitors

Beta Çay – Hall 3 – Stand C310

Beta Çay (Beta Tea) was the first to import tea from overseas directly to Turkey, giving it a major advantage in blends, tastes, and types of teas it can offer consumers. The brand’s product portfolio is full of speciality black teas, a wide selection of green teas, as well as fruit and herbal products – plus specialities sourced from Kenya and Sri Lanka.

While it may have been the first Turkish tea company to begin importing foreign-grown varieties, Beta has reversed itself and become a major exporter. Much of Beta’s international activity is focussed on Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and the CIS countries.
A domestic firm with an exceptional overseas sales network should be a very enticing prospect to WorldFood Istanbul visitors. Beta offers exactly that.

Recently, the company has released a variety of seasonal collections; blends inspired by the tastes, sensations, and moods invoked in summer, winter, and autumn. Be sure to visit Beta in Hall 3 to get to try these quality teas for yourself.

Tulip International – Hall 2 - Stand A205

Domestic manufacturers aren’t the only companies worth checking out at WorldFood Istanbul. The event boasts a strong international presence, with around one fifth of the companies involved coming from outside of Turkey. South Korea's Tulip International is one such business.

Tulip has plenty to offer both Turks and non-Turkish visitors if they head to their booth in Hall 2. Firstly, it has a range of fruit teas in numerous flavours including lemon, aloe, quince, and jujube varieties. It also offers numerous products flavoured with Korean ginseng including, you guessed it, ginseng teas.

The company is closely associated with aloe vera-flavoured drinks, which is ideal for the Turkish sector. Aloe-beverages and foodstuffs have been identified as promoting healthy skin and hair – and such “beauty from within” products are wowing Turkey’s food and drink sector right now.

PROISTANBUL – Hall 3 – Stand D302

Functional food and drink items – i.e. those that give a little extra to consumers, such as added probiotics and fibre – are big in Turkey right now. Energy drinks are boosting this market segment further, quickly emerging as firm favourites with the more active members of Turkish society.

PROISTANBUL is revelling in this latest market trend. Why? Well, as well as its range of conventional fizzy drinks, and mineral waters, it also boasts four separate energy lines. One of its most popular, Fireball, has legs way out of Turkey, scoring big wins on international markets such as Brazil.

But this company has more to offer than simple product manufacturing. According to its website, it also offers a complete drinks package – from formulation to marketing to distribution – making PROISTANBUL a one-stop-shop for those looking to get a slice of this emerging sector and get their own brands out there.

Whether you’re after new brands, or you want to create your own from scratch, you can see what PROISTANBUL has on display at WorldFood Istanbul in Hall 3 at stand D302.

Sri Lanka Tea Board – Hall 5 – C514

No prizes for guessing what you’ll find on display at the Sri Lanka Tea Board’s stand in Hall 5. The organisation will be bringing a host of brands’ tasty teas to WorldFood Istanbul - plus deep insight into one of the world’s foremost tea producing countries.

Ceylon tea, the variety grown on Sri Lanka, which takes its title from the island’s former colonial name, has a strong reputation for both taste and quality. Tea is central to Sri Lanka’s economic health – hence why the Sri Lanka tea board is appearing in force at WorldFood Istanbul this year.

2017 marks 150 years of the birth of Sri Lanka’s tea industry, so expect to find the Tea Board’s stand alive with activity celebrating this momentous occasion.

Kristal Kola – Hall 3 – Stand D302

Despite Coca-Cola’s massive global presence, domestic alternatives usually hold massive appeal in local markets. In Turkey’s case Kristal Kola is its own home-grown soft drink champion - one backed with a strong portfolio and an international reach.

Naturally, colas make up the bulk of Kristal’s project range, which it sells under two brands with differing flavours and formulations: Kristal and Chat. Elsewhere, Kristal also offers a range of non-carbonated alternatives, plus mineral and spring waters. It even manufactures energy drinks under the Red Line brand.

Like many Turkish firms, however, Kristal has not been content with being a purely domestic brand. Now, from its four factories, it exports to countries as far afield as the UK, Senegal, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Mauritania.

Wherever you have travelled from to visit WorldFood Istanbul, you can find Kristal Kola at stand 302 in the venue’s third exhibition hall.

Visit these drinks manufactures and more at WorldFood Istanbul 2017

Remember, to meet all these companies and more in one place, at one time, you need to be at WorldFood Istanbul – Turkey’s premier food and drink event.

Over 400 domestic and international exhibitors will be displaying their wares at 2017’s event alongside pavilions from eight national groups including Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Peru, and the Czech Republic – making it a must attend show for any and all food and drink professionals.

You can find the full range of exhibitors from all sectors on the WorldFood Istanbul website.

For more info on the event contact our team now.


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