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WorldFood Istanbul 2017: 3 milk & dairy exhibitors to check out

Are you a buyer looking for dairy products to hit the Turkish market with? You should be because milk and dairy consumption in Turkey has been rising steadily since the start of the decade.

In 2016, total Turkish consumption of dairy goods amounted to 56.2kg, taking it above the world average of 50kg per capita. That’s a 14% increase against consumption levels seen in 2011. If that wasn’t enough, milk and cheese will remain staples of Turks’ diets until at least 2021, when total consumption is expected to peak at 62.9kg.
With more and more of Turkey’s 79.5 million population eating dairy products, now is the time to source new suppliers of these in-demand foodstuffs. 

WorldFood Istanbul, Turkey’s leading food and drink exhibition, is back for 2017 – bringing with it a whole host of top dairy suppliers.

3 of WorldFood Istanbul’s leading dairy exhibitors

Güney – Hall 5 – Stand D520

From its own dairy farms, both cow and goat, in Turkey’s southern reaches, Güney quite literally churns out a far reaching portfolio of dairy products. Overall, both farms collectively produce 25 tons of milk a day, which is then turned into Güney’s detailed product portfolio.

Top of the list, when it comes to Güney, milk-aside, is a wide range of cheese, including feta, cheddar, and spreadable white varieties. Of course, butter and yoghurt are key product groups for the brand – especially yoghurt, which is rising in popularity as a health food amongst the Turkish population.

Güney trades under its own name, but also operators a number of different sub-brands across its range of goods. If you ever taken a trip around a Turkish supermarket, chances are you will have seen Selin-brand milk, or offerings from Albi, Medi, Mido, or Leymo. All those are Güney brands.

You can find them all at the company’s stand at WorldFood Istanbul, Hall 5, Stand D520.

Panda – Hall 3 – Stand D360

Panda has been at the forefront of Turkey’s ice cream sector since it began as a one-factory operation back in 1986. The brand’s first production facilities had an output of 1 ton of ice cream a day – something unheard of at the time – and this garnered them a reputation for both quality and quantity.

Over the past 30 years, Panda has grown to supply over 200 different flavours of ice cream, ice lollies, and frozen sweet treats, to many different markets. Most of its export activity is focussed on relatively close territories. Cyprus and Northern Iraq, for instance, are big buyers of Panda products, as are many countries in the Balkans.

Panda’s product range features some typical ice cream varieties, as well as more experimental fare. Apart from the usual tubs, including the higher-end Dolce Vita label, Panda provides a strong selection for perusing buyers. Favourites include the Bomb range of sauce-filled chocolate lollies, twin flavoured Yuppie ices, and miniature ice cream cups.

In fact, Panda’s portfolio is extensive enough that it simply cannot be listed here – but you can find it for yourself at WorldFood Istanbul. Just head to Hall 3 and Stand D360 to find them.

Ayca – Hall 5 – Stand B529

If you’re heading to WorldFood Istanbul 2017 to find new cheese suppliers, then make sure you visit Hall 5, Stand B529. Here you’ll find one of Turkey’s chief cheese manufacturers: Ayca. Founded in 1980, Ayca has grown from small dairy enterprise to a nationwide-sector leader.

Ayca’s product catalogue reads like a guided tour of Turkish and Middle Eastern cheeses. From whole-milk Kashkaval, to traditional Tulum goats cheese, locally inspired curd cheeses, and a selection of Turkish regional favourites, you’d be hard pressed not to find the type you are after at Ayca.

But dairy is so much more than cheese. Ayran is one of Turkey and the Middle East’s favourite traditional drinks, and Ayca is a leading manufacturer of this minty milk-based beverage. Also on offer is buttermilk, butter, clotted cream, strained yoghurt and more.

To try Ayca’s cheeses and dairy products, visit their booth at WorldFood Istanbul 2017. You can find the company at Stand B529.

WorldFood Istanbul: your gateway to Turkey & beyond

To meet these three milk and dairy producers in one place, at one time, you need to be at WorldFood Istanbul – Turkey’s premiere food and drink event.

411 domestic and international exhibitors will be displaying their wares at 2017’s event alongside pavilions from eight national groups including Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Peru, and the Czech Republic – making it a must attend show for any and all food and drink professionals.

You can find the full range of exhibitors from all sectors on the WorldFood website.

For more info on the event contact our team now.


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