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BRF deal reveals Turkey’s awesome halal food potential

Turkey is 98% Muslim so halal food is big business in the country. The Turkish halal sector is worth a colossal $168 billion and rising. It is an almost captive market for specialist producers – something Brazil’s BRF has realised.

BRF is a world leader in meat production. In a new deal, the Brazilian firm has acquired Banvit, Turkey’s largest manufacturer of poultry products. But why invest specifically in poultry?

Turkey: the world’s biggest consumer of halal chicken

There is your answer. Turks account for 10% of the global consumption of halal poultry each year, making it their nation the ideal target market for BRF and halal producers in general. Not only does the Turkey’s 74 million population demand halal produce, numerous other factors are at play that make the Middle Eastern nation a potential growth wonder.

Local per capita chicken consumption is relatively low in Turkey. At present, it stands at around 20kg per person. Penetration of processed foods, a speciality area of BRF, is also low across Turkey. According to Patricio Rohner, head of BRF’s halal-focused subsidiary OneFoods, this means the Turkish market offers exceptional potential for growth. 

Turks are increasingly living more hectic, busy lifestyles leaving little time for traditional cooking preparation practices. A real need for ready-to-eat, processed offerings is revealing itself in Turkey – something the BRF/Brevit deal highlights.

“In addition to the growth opportunities offered by the Turkish market, especially in processed products, we see important commercial and operational synergies to capture by integrating the operations of Banvit and OneFoods, which will further consolidate our strength and leadership in the halal animal protein market,” said Mr Rohner.

At present, OneFood is one of the Middle East’s premier suppliers of halal poultry products. It holds a 45% market share in chicken products across the region including in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE. 

Strategic positioning in Turkey’s halal food sector

The BRF/Banvit acquisition also flags up another factor in Turkey’s appeal as a food and beverage market: its location. Bridging the gap between Europe and Asia, Turkey has been a trade gateway for millennia, and it is no different in the present day. 

Banvit has production sites across the length and breadth of Turkey. Currently, it sports facilities from feed control to final food processing including five feed plants, for hatcheries and five production plants.

“The units are located in the country’s West, where most consumers are found, and East, which positions it as the only company capable of serving both the domestic and export markets,” said Pedro Faria, Global CEO of BRF.
Thanks to its geographical position, Turkey is open to a whole host of export markets. Not only does it open up the Middle East, it also allows food and drink products to reach markets in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and beyond.

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