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Food & drink in Russia: Six month news roundup

2016 has, so far, been another turbulent year for the Russian food & drink sector. However, there has been some strong signs that recovery and stability are soon on their way. 
ITE Food & Drink has put together a roundup of all our reports on Russia’s food industry over the past six months, so you can learn more about the trials and tribulations facing the nation – and the opportunities that have emerged during the first half of 2016.

Russia eases food embargo

The news came in June 2016 that Russia has eased some of the conditions of its food embargo. Frozen beef, poultry meat and frozen vegetables, specifically for use in baby food, can be imported to Russia – great news for manufacturers & suppliers of these products.

Iran enters Russian markets in a big way

After the repealing of Western-imposed economic sanctions in January 2016, Iran re-entered the world’s markets. Russia’s consumers are now a target market for Iran’s food producers, as the two nations improve and increase bilateral food and drink trade.

Russian consumers go green

Russia’s organic food and drink market has grown by over 60% over the past five years, with imports playing a big role, and is set to grow further. ITE Food & Drink spoke to Carole Bingler, Export Manager for Dutch organic tea and coffee company Simon Lévelt, for further insight into Russia’s demand for organic produce.

Seafood sector enjoys a shakeup

Aquaculture on the rise; Chilean salmon supplies replaced; foreign investment in fishing machinery needed; significant fish farming and processing in St. Petersburg; domestic processing facilities needing internationally sourced technology; all trends reshaping Russia’s seafood sector in 2016.

Why should you make Russia your next market?

ITE Food & Drink will be keeping you updated on the all the key events, market trends and insights regarding Russia and the nation’s food industry across the rest of 2016. Stay tuned for more in-depth news and analysis of one of the world’s most intriguing food markets.


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