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Poland is Central Europe’s food innovation hub

Poland is leading the way in food and drink innovation in Central Europe. Over a third of all product launches in this region originate from Poland. Recent developments in the country’s food industry make it a highly attractive export destination – and here is why.
Sitting at the crossroads of European trade and transport routes, Poland is ideally situated to become a major food and drink player. Its growing market of over 38.5 million consumers is expanding its tastes nationwide, so new products, flavours and varieties are in high demand across the country.
According to research firm Mintel, Poland played host to over a third (34%) of all new food and drink launches in Central Europe in 2015. A 51% increase in the number of product launches, including new formulations, packaging and product extensions, occurred across Poland during 2013-2015, establishing the nation as the region’s key innovation hub.  Societal changes are playing their part in this innovation boom. A growing proportion of Polish consumers are increasingly adventurous in their food and drink choices and are open to new taste experiences. 

More Poles are travelling overseas on a regular basis than ever before, expanding palettes, experiencing new cuisines and cooking styles - all with an eye on recreating their favourite foreign meals at home. International producers can certainly tap into this Polish desire to enjoy global cuisine with authentic ingredients at home. Poles are becoming increasingly health conscious too.

Mintel reported that the big food and drink trend emerging in Poland in 2015 was health and wellness. According to Mintel’s report, 64% of Polish adults say they are actively reducing their sugary food intake. A further 57% expressed concerns about artificial sweeteners, which suggests organic products will see increased demand in the coming years. Sweet and hybrid flavours, such as ZPOW Dawtona’s tomato-based jam, are enjoying popularity boosts, as Poles seek out interesting taste sensations.

Organic ingredient producers should take note as a strong core of new Polish products are utilising superfood ingredients, such as greens, grains and seeds, to offer added health value to consumers. Reflecting this change in tastes, and a burgeoning desire for the new and unusual, is a reported increase in imported food levels. Data from the Agencja Rynku Rolnego (Agricultural Market Agency) showed a 4.7% increase in the value of food and drink imports reached €15.9 billion during 2015. Exports rose to hit €23.6 billion during the same period.

Simply put, innovation is on the rise in Poland, which is pointing towards fantastic export opportunities for foreign food and drink producers.  Interested in tapping into this vibrant market? Why not attend WorldFood Warsaw? This event gathers Poland’s leading food sector professionals with international brands to demonstrate the latest food trends and products. Learn more about WorldFood Warsaw now and take your first steps into Europe’s most exciting food and drinks market.

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