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7 reasons why China is your next seafood market

China’s facts and figures are enough to change minds. Not only is it the world’s largest country, it is also the world’s biggest food and beverage exports market. According to the China-Britain Business Council, China imported $482.2 billion worth of food in 2014. This figure is rising annually.

Seafood is a big feature on Chinese plates, with imports totalling $20 billion annually. If that stat alone was not enough, here are eight reasons why China is your next seafood market.

Why should you make China your next seafood market?

1. China is the world’s biggest country with a colossal food and drink market – 1.3 billion people live, work, eat and drink in China.

2. Wages and the middle class are on the rise, fuelling consumption of imported goods. Real wages rose 400% from 2000-2014. Average income levels are expected to reach $10,700 by 2017 – a huge increase from 2012’s average of $6,200. 

3. China’s middle class is already larger than the US’ at 109 million people. By 2022, 54% of China’s population will be upper middle class. More purchasing power points towards bigger export opportunities as China’s taste for foreign foods grows.

4. Seafood consumption is increasing annually, matching rising import levels and incomes. By 2020, each person will eat 35.9 kg, while urban consumption of seafood has already passed 40kg per capita.

5. Chinese seafood imports are expected to exceed the current $20 billion figure by 2020. Domestic overfishing and environmental concerns are pointing towards a greater demand for imported seafood.

6. Seafood imports in major cities is on the increase. January-April 2016 saw China’s second city, Shanghai, import 34,000 tons of seafood – a 34.7% increase against 2015’s figures.

7. Foreign countries are already stepping up export levels. Canada boosted its seafood sales to China by 11% in 2015, exporting 94,000 tons with a value of $553 million.

Tap into China’s seafood sector at World Seafood Shanghai

To get your taste of the $20 billion Chinese seafood export market, make sure you are attending World Seafood Shanghai (SIFSE). For the past 11 years, World Seafood Shanghai has been the central meeting place to meet aquatic product buyers looking to source international seafood.

Next year’s event is scheduled for 19-21 August 2017. There is plenty of time to book your stand, or register your interesting in visiting, so get in touch now to reserve your place.


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