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Kazakhstan Food Export Guide

Whether it's exporting food and drink products for consumers to enjoy, or ingredients for its multi-billion dollar food processing industry, Kazakhstan is a great market for international food producers, as well as suppliers of related manufacturing technologies.

The great news is that Kazakhs actually prefer imported food and drink products. And, with such items accounting for 10% of Kazakhstan’s annual total merchandise imports, exporting goods holds lots of money-making potential.

As with any nation, however, getting goods to market requires at least a cursory knowledge of the necessary import procedures, labelling requirements, and so on.
With this in mind, we’ve put together the following guide on how best to export food and drink products to Kazakhstan.

Exporting food to Kazakhstan: your useful guide

Customs unions & preferential treatment

Kazakhstan is a member of three international organisations: 

•    The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) (non-English link)
•    The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)
•    The Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO)

These groups are designed to foster economic and political cooperation between each organisation’s member states.

Goods which originate from the above countries may have preferential treatment in Kazakhstan – something which should be on your mind if you are an exporter.

Import procedures

Because Kazakhstan is a part of the above three organisations, it is subject to differing customs procedures and regulations. Those governing the CIS, for example, differ from guidelines outlined by the EAEU. 

The European Commission’s Market Access Database outlines all the rules, regulations, and necessary documents. If you are looking for a breakdown of the import procedures to follow if you want to export food and drink products to Kazakhstan, this should be your first port of call.

European Commission Market Access database overview of Kazakhstan Import Procedures

A wide range of products require mandatory standardisation certification before they can be distributed throughout Kazakhstan as they are subject to “technical regulations”.
For food and drink professionals, there are several different “technical regulation” certificates relevant to the industry. These can be found on the European Commission Market Access database page in the “Standardisations” section.

European Commission Market Access database overview of Kazakhstan Import Procedures – Standardisations

Import tariffs

For non-CIS and EAEU members, Kazakhstan places tariffs on imports of key commodities, including foodstuffs. Although, in the agricultural sector, there a few exceptions as government programs are in place to help producers buy equipment, machinery, and new food production technologies.

Export.gov, the US’ export advisory board, has a run down on the fees, customs duties, and tariffs imposed on goods entering Kazakhstan from outside the EAEU. Check it out to avoid any nasty fees prior to exporting to Kazakhstan.

Export.gov overview of Kazakh import tariffs

More information is available here:

Kazakhstan Customs Control Agency (non-English link)

Import requirements/documentation

Anyone familiar with exporting will know of the library full of required documents, forms, certificates, and so on needed to get goods through customs and into consumers’ hands. Kazakhstan is no different. Check out Export.gov’s guide to documents to see what you need if a Kazakhstan is your next market.

Export.gov overview of Kazakh import requirements & documentation

Customs regulations

Unfortunately, Kazakhstan’s customs regulations are a bit of a tangled mess, meaning the expeditious movement of goods in and around the country can be a bit of a hassle. That’s only if you are unprepared, however. Click the link below for an easy-to-digest guide to the nation’s customs regulations.

Export.gov overview of Kazakh customs regulations

Trading Standards

Kazakhstan has numerous bodies, regulations, and requirements regarding trading standards. It is also a member of several international accreditation organisations, as well as having a strong domestic regulatory framework. The link below will tell you all you need to know about Kazakhstan’s trade standards procedures and guidelines.

Export.gov overview of Kazakh trade standards

Labelling requirements

Food and drink items, by their very nature, require careful labelling and marking to ensure there are no shocking surprises when customers receive their orders. Even so, observances of standardisation, testing, labelling, and certification is not consistent throughout Kazakhstan.
To avoid any pitfalls, please visit Export.gov to learn the important labelling info.

Export.gov overview of Kazakh labelling requirements

Other helpful resources

The above should come in exceptionally handy if you are starting to export food and beverage products to Kazakhstan. The below bodies will offer supplementary information for exporters, so check them out to get a clearer picture of what it takes to export to Central Asia’s largest economy.

World Bank’s Doing Business Rankings

Committee on Technical Regulation and Metrology
Kazakh Institute for Standardization and Certification

National Centre of Expertise and Certification

National Centre of Accreditation

Russian Certification Services

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