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5 big reasons why Poland is your next food and drink market

Poland. Located at the heart of Europe, the nation of 38.5 million people is amongst the EU’s leading nations – and most attractive food and drink markets. Here are five great reasons why you need to start exporting to Central Europe’s biggest economy.

1. Polish spending on food and drink is set to rise

Food retail is already a $52 billion market in Poland. Now, Polish shoppers are set to increase how much they spend on food and drink. Spending on food is expected to hit $62 billion by 2020 – for reasons that will become clear later on in this article.

2. Poland’s food imports total in the billions

Polish imports of food and drink make up around 10% of totals, meaning it has been importing between $20-24 billion worth of food and drink products in recent years. A study from ING predicts exports will exceed $25 billion by the end of 2017, as Pole’s tastes change and demand for imported products starts to grow.

3. Imports of key food and beverage products on the rise in Poland

Recently, some major product categories are enjoying some big increases on the Polish import market. In particular, meat, dairy, and fish are experiencing greater demand with Poles, according to import data. Imports of poultry meat have risen 21% in recent years, whereas milk, cream and ice cream has enjoyed a 14% import increase, amongst other product groups.

4. Poles tastes go international

More of Poland’s population is travelling overseas than ever before – and returning with a taste for foreign cuisines. Kitchens, pantries and larders are bursting with internationally-sourced foods, drinks and ingredients, with more Poles dabble with newer tastes and sensations. Subsequently, Poland is rife for imports – hence the rise in import volumes explained above.

5. Innovation: a hot topic for Polish consumers

If there is one thing that Polish consumers love, food-wise, its innovation. 32% of all new Central European product launches happen in Poland, as producers tap into the population’s more experimental bent. As more Poles head abroad, the nation’s population is keen to try new taste combinations, experimental flavours and products that offer something new.

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