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Just as we have ushered in a new decade, Covid19 has influenced all industries worldwide and changed the consumption habits and preferences of everyone. In the post-pandemic world, all industries will have to review their processes, with the food industry being the primary one. While we have a duty of feeding 10 billion people by 2050, the actions aimed to save the day will be in good faith, but inadequate for overcoming the effects of the epidemic. The impact of climate change on agriculture, the difficulty in accessing healthy food, parts of the world starving while other parts experience obesity, our shopping habits that change with our consumption preferences, expectations to reduce the carbon footprint... 

Thinking about how we can overcome the effects of the epidemic is just the tip of the iceberg. Now, the issue that all stakeholders should focus on with a larger perspective is how we can implement the strategies that prioritize people's health while creating a sustainable world. 

Therefore, on our 28th anniversary, we aim to cover the industry with a 360° approach at our area called FOOD ARENA by integrating various formats, subjects and expertise into our event program. 



As we examine the changes brought by the pandemic within the scope of the conference program, we will also consider long-term goals with an integrative approach. 
  • Economic aspect (import, export, food economy, new actions) 
  • Production aspect (sustainability, scarcity, food technologies, agriculture, resource efficiency, sectoral collaborations) 
  • Supply aspect (supply chain, agriculture, farmer welfare, food accessibility, online store etc.) 
  • Consumption aspect (reliable food, healthy food, super foods, consumer habits, vegan market) 
  • Marketing aspect (gastronomy, food supplements, HoReCa) 


At our Show Kitchen, where we will host the chefs of our participating companies representing different product groups, we will try recipes with innovative products and new techniques, receive information about healthy and reliable products and learn culinary tips from the chefs themselves. 


Entrepreneurial perspective has been radically changing the way of doing business in various industries, especially within the last 10 years. In the pandemic process, digitalization, new technologies and reliable foods have become more important than ever. You will be able to find the most up-to-date information about the products and technologies offered by entrepreneurs operating in many different fields such as smart agriculture, fresh food waste, super foods and food technologies to companies and industry professionals in production-supply-consumption stages at Food Tech Garage. 


WorldFood Istanbul continues to be the exclusive partner of the international “Best Plate Challenge” contest this year by continuing its cooperation with the World Gourmet Society, which contains the world's leading chefs, gourmets, food writers, journalists and restaurant managers. The contest aims to bring international recognition to chefs all around Turkey, have them introduce local products, and share their regions and cultures. 
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